Mark Steputis
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Steputis, Chief Operating Officer of Vision Graphics Inc started his career in the printing industry in 1986 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Taking ownership of that company in 1996. Mark relocated the company to Loveland, Colorado and changed its name to Vision Graphics Inc. Under his guidance, the company grew from a local printing company into a national leader in the commercial print, direct mail ad marketing automation space and was recognized as one of the top 250 independently owned companies in Colorado.

Over the span of 10 years, Mark ad his team acquired Keyline Graphics in 2009, and Eagle:xm, an integrated customer engagement agency that specializes in leveraging marketing intelligence, in 2012. In 2017 Vision integrated two additional firms, Pioneer printing of Cheyenne WY, and Print CPG of Tucson AZ. In 2018 Custom Direct was acquired that brough Election services and support capabilities to the organization. In 2020 Mark made the decision to sell his ownership to T enterprises/ A2Z Printing with multiple locations east of the Mississippi river. He has been retained as Vision's COO and a member of the corporate board. With over 140,000 square feet of production and fulfillment space, and with multiple locations able to produce and deliver anywhere and anytime, Mark has built a true global tangible marketing automation leader.

Mark holds a bachelor's degree in marketing from San Diego State University and is very active in the printing and marketing communications industry. Mark and his wife Candee together have three sons, and four grandchildren. Mark and Candee spend their recreational time on a northern Colorado ranch he has owned since 1999.